Good Citizens Have Nothing to Hide, Great Canadian Hypocrites Edition

Not content to watch the UK and US try to pass ridiculous controls on the internet, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews tabled a Canuck version called Bill C-30, The Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act. It is as clumsy and ham-handed as the title suggests, where once again a government is trying to force the complete reworking of the internet to fit their political interests (or those of their donors.) Vic Toews has helpfully suggested that those who oppose the bill are basically standing with child pornographers, and attracted much-deserved ire from the internet and Anonymous, a group you really do not want to piss off. In retaliation for the bill, and his threats and hypocritical personal life, Anonymous has outed the woman they claim was his mistress while he was campaigning on a family values platform.

Another family values liar is no big news, but I think Toews has managed to turn himself into a perfect illustration of the inherent bullshit of ‘good citizens have nothing to hide’ that always crops up whenever people talk about regulating the internet. (Toews’ braindead comment about child pornographers immediately reminded of odious tabloid journalist Paul McMullan who testified that ‘privacy is for paedos‘ at the Leveson Inquiry.) What Anonymous is doing to Toews is what Toews wants to do to the entire Canadian public. As they say in the video, we cannot allow privacy to become a two-tier system.