The Rapture

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The second novel in the neo-noir Strange Trilogy, a near future America governed by a Christian extremist administration and sliding into nightmare.

Isaac Taylor isn’t missing. According to government records, he never existed. PI Felix Strange isn’t convinced, not least because Isaac is an old army buddy. The man saved his life in Tehran, so the least Strange can do is dig up some leads. Strange soon discovers Isaac isn’t the only one missing. All over the country, young and old, men and women, the good and the trying-to-be, are disappearing – quite literally without a trace. If Strange doesn’t figure out what’s happening fast, someone close to him will fall into a patch of thin air.

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‘To work, satire has to be subtle . . . Elliott Hall does this wonderfully’
The Times

Political satires set in chilling dystopian futures don’t usually call for sequels
. . . Hall’s pizzazz ensures you want to know if Felix makes it

Daily Telegraph

Praise for the The First Stone

‘ingenious and witty’
(Daily Telegraph)

‘A menacing portrait of an all too plausible future’
The Big Issue